Loud & Sad – Lathe #1
7″ Lathe Cut
May 30, 2012


Lathe #1, as the title implies, is the first lathe release from the duo of Joe Houpert and Nathan McLaughlin, known as Loud & Sad. This lathe serves as a compliment to the Loud & Sad LP Unknown Species released in 2012 by Greenup Industries. Building on the framework of reel to reel experimentation laid down on previous releases, this lathe (and corresponding LP) have a razor sharp look at applying that reel to reel mentality to the world of song writing and folk instrumentation.

Recorded in Sauk Centre, MN and Philadelphia, PA.

Released as a very limited run of 20, as part of the ongoing focus of FET Press in releasing limited run records as companion pieces to larger releases.

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