Cody Yantis & Mary Lattimore
7″ Vinyl
June 22,2014

Mary Lattimore’s debut effort on Desire Path Recordings, The Withdrawing Room, brought much deserved attention to Ms. Lattimore’s take on the harp. Having already collaborated or shared the stage with well known acts (Thurston Moore, Meg Baird, Kurt Vile) she has truly come into her own and this contribution continues down that path – beauty seems to be found in the solitude. Colorado based artist and musician Cody Yantis has appeared on FET Press in various incarnations (Tilth, Saguache) and is a close friend and collaborator on many of the projects in which we are involved. His approach to music heavily inspired by natural surroundings and extended techniques…it seems to always drive straight through to you gut….and bring the dusty west along for the ride.

Part of the Line Drawings project…
An effort to highlight the cruciality of collaboration and community. A series of five 7” records, wherein each of the four core members open this sonic dialog up to additional musicians of their choosing: Olli Aarni, Norm Chambers, Anne Guthrie, Mary Lattimore, Brad Rose, and Chris Koelle. The result is an exciting and varied survey of purposeful sound. A co-release between FET Press & Desire Path Recordings, editions of 100 on black vinyl.

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