Chris Koelle & Brad Rose
7″ Vinyl
June 22,2014

One of the first appearances of Chris Koelle’s music, Chris is more widely known as a talented artist & illustrator but here he delights with a foray into the world of the banjo from his home base of Greenville, SC. On the flip side we have Brad Rose, head honcho over at Digitalis and the man behind all sorts of records out there (Charlatan, The North Sea, Altar Eagle, Ajilvsga, this list could go on and on….), who delivers from his Tulsa studio a chunk of his trademark sound. A strong juxtaposition against Mr. Koelle’s work. A strange and wonderful pairing.

Part of the Line Drawings project…
An effort to highlight the cruciality of collaboration and community. A series of five 7” records, wherein each of the four core members open this sonic dialog up to additional musicians of their choosing: Olli Aarni, Norm Chambers, Anne Guthrie, Mary Lattimore, Brad Rose, and Chris Koelle. The result is an exciting and varied survey of purposeful sound. A co-release between FET Press & Desire Path Recordings, editions of 100 on black vinyl.

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