Josh Mason – Hellified Irie
Book + Digital Download
July 31st,2015



Josh Mason pulls back a few layers to reveal a dedication to the music we call surf and shares a view into his thought process…all while giving us a look further back into where that music lies in his roots via this new edition of his music that centers around a black & white book of photos and writings which is accompanied by digital download of the album. Each book is numbered, signed and personalized by the artist.

Building on the sort of musical heritage first made evident to me on his album Dark Thread & Other Colors (SEM), Hellified Irie is more than just a nostalgic collection of photos and song – it is the story of a musician sorting out the ideas of a youth spent in the water and finding the beauty in each of those ideas along the way. Following on his last release aptly entitled Alone in the Kingdom, this new edition makes you want to yell out to him to let him know he is not alone or perhaps plunge into that sea and join him.

It is a pleasure to offer a solo release from Josh, to honor his music and to pay tribute to the work he did through his label Sunshine Ltd by providing a platform for him to continue releasing his music. Long live the spirit of Sunshine and as Josh would say….Be Excellent to Each Other.

Mastered by Seth Chrisman

In Josh’s own words:

Hellified Irie, at it’s core, is a ‘surf’ record both in tone and concept. Continuing ideas laid out in Timecode Beach, there is a focus on change and adaptation. One minute you’re riding a wave and the next you’re bobbing, waiting for the next set with your mind wandering to who knows where and when. As adults, we often do not have the luxury of embracing that drift.

The style and sound of the recording is a homage to the guitar-centric bands of the mid 60’s such as the Ventures and The Challengers as well as compositional techniques found in Smile-era Beach Boys material, which lends itself nicely to that theme of changing gears. Like a Wallace Stevens poem, it’s a meditative and philosophical sound. A sonic discourse from a deckchair that skates a line between imagination and the reality of every day.

The 70 page book contains found images and personal photos (taken with a disposable camera that fell into a pool,) as well as musings on the recording process, the concept of home, the weather of the mind, and family.